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#1 Key to an Abundant Life.


Do you know what the difference is between those that seem to have it all in life and those that seem stuck?
They know how to manage their subconscious mind!
I’m talking about making a commitment to yourself. A commitment where you care enough about yourself to do the work necessary to identify truly, understand, forgive, accept and truly love, every aspect of yourself.
So what do you do to get there?
It all begins with pushing through the knot in your stomach, the rock in your throat, and your sweaty palms all results of the FEAR you are feeling.
Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. It shows up several times a day, and we’ve become so used to the feeling of it, we’ve learned how to cope with it by doing either:
  1. Letting it consume you to the point of anxiety, depression, frustration and overwhelm or,
  2. You take your power back and change your thinking and associate new emotions around it.
Here’s the difference between the two.
In scenario #1, you allow external influences to take over your life. You may care too much about the opinions of others, or you let your ego sabotage you.
In scenario #2, you take accountability and responsibility for your situation and take tap into your internal power to navigate through it.
The bottom line is if you want more anything in your life like wealth, health and endless opportunities you need to be more. Don’t become complacent and show up and do the work every single day. Did you get that last part? Show UP And Do The Work; Every Damn Day!
Are your ready to get started?
Good! Now let’s go.
  1. It’s about your state.
    Notice how your body feels. Often we become consumed with our thoughts we don’t notice how our body feels.
    Bruce Lipton, a development biologist, writes in this book, “The Biology of Belief,” his disc“The cell membrane is a liquid crystal semiconductor with gates and channels.” He also said in Biology of Belief that, ‘our cells are like programmable personal computers.” That means consciousness, namely our emotional state, can lead to some pretty profound changes in the body.
  2. It’s about your thoughts.
    Notice what you are thinking. Are your thoughts negative? How are you speaking to yourself? Can you identify the association between your thoughts and your emotion? Your emotion power your thoughts and action so this is a critical step in the process. Journal out what you are identifying here and try to identify how your beliefs formed. Journal and capture the following:
    1. What is the belief?
    2. What was the situation?
    3. Who formed the belief for you? A parent, a friend, an associate, society?
    4. Does this belief still hold true for you?
    5. What would happen if you chose to change or release the belief?
    6. What are the possible negative outcomes?
    7. What are the possible positive outcomes?
    8. Who would you be if you decided to change the belief and create a new association?
    9. Who would you be if you decided to release the belief altogether?
    10. How does this belief change your behavior, attitude, and state?
  3. It’s about your decisions.
    Now make a decision. The decision is how we end up on the negativity train. When we don’t make a decision is usually the point in which our ego enters the picture. It begins to present us with all the reasons not to do what we want to do. The negative self-talk begins, and we eventually talk ourselves into 1 million reasons as for why we shouldn’t take action in the direction which we desire. Self-sabotaging ourselves and keeping us stuck in the same place because it’s comfortable, familiar, and you already know how to get through it.
    The goal during this step is to look for the positive reasons and outcomes, attach new emotions to your new belief, and release the old and make space for the new. This belief is where you find your motivation, the emotion that drives you, and your flow. It’s all about alignment!
So on this Valentine’s Day, I ask you, “Are you in love with the life you are living?”
I am.
Do you need some alignment?
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You’re a Bad A$$ it’s time to start living your life!
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