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5 Simple Launch Activities.

You’re starting a business or exploring the opportunity to.

You have a to-do list that goes on for miles which are exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time.

You’ve waited for this moment, but as you begin to check things off your list, you realize you keep carrying over the same tasks.


Because you have no idea what you need, what needs to be done if the cost is appropriate, why it’s so important.

When you begin your entrepreneurial adventure, you think I’m going to do everything.

I’m here to tell you; this is unrealistic.


Because you will quickly find that you can’t do everything and you’re not going to spend the time to learn.

By trying to do everything in your business, you’re focusing on activities that take you away from the things you want to do.

It is a proven fact that outsourcing tasks in your business increase your success rate by over 60%. So why would you spend countless hours trying to learn the things that have no value to you?
Remember time is money so every second you spend on the non-productive activities that aren’t growing your business, give them to someone who can remove your pain and suffering.

So, let me drop some solid knowledge to help you focus on the key activities you should be focusing on when you launch your business.

  1. Get clear on who your customer is and how you can help solve their problem.
    You need to get laser focused and understand your customer demographic.
    This means research who they are, what their challenge is, where they hang out on and offline, and how you are going to solve their problem.
    There are many ways to get this information by using Google to search on specific terms, Quora to ask a specific question, Meetup, Social Media, and Networking Events.
  2. Have something to offer your clients. The usual business model states that you should offer potential clients a 20-30 min call so they can check you out. Personally, I do this and more. I will give them a few calls, send them some information that they might find useful and court them in the relationship prior to offering them a paid service offering.
    I realize that this may not sound appropriate for some, so I’m going to say do what feels right for you. Do what makes you feel comfortable. I’m of the camp where I like to have consistent clients rather than always trying to get clients in.
    I want to turn my clients into raving fans so they can do the marketing and sales for me. In this age of information and digital overload, I feel that consistent and stable relationships
    is what works best for me.
  3. Outsource your tech stuff immediately. I realize some hate to play this game as it is confusing on if you need a website and where you should have a presence on social media. Again, this goes back to understanding your ideal customer.
    I’ve been in technology for over 20 years, so this area is extremely easy for me. However, when you first start out, I recommend that you have a 1 page The website, a profile on 1-2 social media sites, and focus on getting your customers to these assets. Everything and I mean everything doesn’t need to be in place before you start. The goal is to reach your target market, solve their problem, obtain payments and build a client base.
    By outsourcing this stuff early on, you will have a single point of contact for your tech needs. They will keep up with updates, ensure your automate processes are seamless, and grow and scale your business as needed.
  4. Nail your copy. All of it! This is another area where I see entrepreneurs struggle.
    Because you get so focused on telling your client about everything you can do for them instead of telling them how you can solve their problems.
    I’ve been guilty of this, and it takes practice to get your copy done right.
    Copy related to your business assets should always focus on the needs of your ideal clients.
    Again, research is so important her, but if you don’t know who you are speaking to, then your tribe will have a difficult time finding you.
    Make your copy clear and guide your clients to you instead of struggling to find them online.
  5. Get your business card and connect on and offline. You come into contacts with several hundred people a day. In the coffee shop, grocery store, post office, Facebook, Instagram, Fitness classes and more. You should be proving everyone you meet, a business card or an invitation to connect on or offline.This is what I know.When you leave a great impression with people, they will go out of their way to help you either directly or indirectly.Here’s another fact, you never know who somebody knows. This means that your contacts can potentially introduce you to a client base you had no idea about.

    I can say that this is the #1 way I get clients.

    I believe in collaboration and connection, and by the way, it’s easy.

    So get out there and network, meet people for coffee, reach out to someone you admire on social media and reach out to people from your past. The results may surprise you.

What do you struggle with in your business?

Does tech stuff get you down?

Would your life be easier if you had automation?

Are you struggling to make a connection with your client base?

Then connect with me.

I offer packages that will review every aspect of your business.

Lead generation efforts.

Process automation.
Website analysis.

Social Media set up and strategy.

Content review and more.

Here’s how it works.

I will review 1 item, i.e. website for $99.00

If you want a review of 2-3 items, it will cost an additional $50.00/each. For example, website, process automation, and social media, total cost $200.00

The review of 4 or more items, the initial investment is $99, and $25.00 for each additional item. For example, website, social media, process automation, content, and lead generation.

All packages will provide and analysis with a recommendation for improvement.

There will be a separate offer to implement improvement recommendations.

PM me if interested.


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