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What is your money goal for this month?

Mine is to make $20k by the end of February.
The beautiful part of this goal is I have no idea how I will achieve it.
This is where trust comes in.
Last month I set a goal to make $10k by the end of the month.
I looked at my goal exactly 3 days before the month ended and I was still pondering how it was going to happen.
Then I went an appointment to show to my rental property.
As usual, at least 12-18 people came and they were of course, all interested in renting.
I met with each one individually and collected their contact information.
My intent was to reach out to each of them that evening and make a decision in a week or so.
Upon returning home, I received an email from a few of the people that showed up.
Three people weren’t interested as they thought the property was too big for them to handle.
Then I opened the email from a woman, I’ll call Julie.
Julie has emailed me right after she visited the home and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.
She was a local photographer who was looking for a local home that she could share with her children.
She was currently renting 30 mins away and wanted to be back in the same town as her children.
She thought the house would be perfect and she was willing to pay me 6 months in advance.
What do you think the final amount was?
It was $10,200.
And boom just like that for 1 hour’s worth of work, I had achieved my goal of $10k for the month.
I had no idea that it was going to happen this way but it did.
Now I look forward to how I will achieve that goal in February.
I have some idea of how this is going to materialize and I look forward to seeing if my thoughts are confirmed.
My point is that goals create momentum.
They create the energy necessary to move towards your dreams.
I will be completely honest with you.
I was never much of a goal setter before.
I was a go with the flow kind of person and now things HAPPEN.
So be clear. Get extremely clear about what it is you want.
Visualize it to the point where you actually feel like you already have it.
Once you are in this state your emotion will drive your action towards the achievement.
I literally don’t overthink anything.
I get an idea; I map it out; I figure out how I want to deliver; I execute.
You need to get into FLOW!
This means that you’re dealing with your inner blocks around money that are holding your back.
Once you understand your money story you make the space necessary for things to happen.
Do you know what yours is?
If you don’t I would love to work with you.
I offer a 3 hour or a 6-week course around tackling the blocks that are preventing you from making the money you deserve in life.
PM me on FB, email me for more information.
Now get out there and make yourself WEALTHY!

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