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Are You Worth It?

I realize that this is going to make some people cringe.
You’re probably asking yourself why you should pay to get your mindset in alignment with debt reduction programs?
Here’s why I recommend it.

Depending on your debt level, you are going to constantly stress yourself out about how to get rid of it.
This energy will lead to a sleepless night, frustration, depression, anxiety, and stress which only zaps more of your energy.
All you are doing here is avoiding the fact that you need to make a decision and follow through with it regardless of consequences.
This is where your power is and where you gain your confidence and control back.

You see if you stay in the victim state for too long you eventually will compound your stress levels because the credit agencies keep calling and there are only a few viable ways out of the situation.
You can declare bankruptcy or start working with a credit counselor.
By this time the self-criticism and negative self-talk has completely exhausted your brain capacity to think of any other alternative.

You’ve given up and given in to the powers that be so you throw in the towel and hope for the best.
But what if there was a different way?
What if instead of heaviness you felt ease?
What if instead of stress and frustration you felt in control?
What if you could stand confidently in your power because you know that you’ve got this?

Then I have the program for you.
Master & Monetize Your Debt Story.
The purpose of this program is to help individuals do the following.

– Gain control over your debt situation.
– Understand your core beliefs and rewrite them.
– Learn how to establish a painless way to manage debt quickly and effortlessly.
– Understand your debt personality.
– Identify opportunities to obtain additional income both actively and passively.
– Learn how you can use your story to monetize your business.
– Develop a critical decision-making process aimed to eliminate frustration and debt.
– Useful techniques that you can use instantly to address fears related to debt.
– Establish a new story related to money management and debt.
– Gain access to an FB Support Group so you can share your experience and gain support from others.
This group will have a weekly call.
Cover specific topics of group members
Give additional exercises, tools and techniques to master your money story.
Discuss ways that you can make income with ease.
Livestream Q&A and more.

This is a 10-week program. Investment $497.00 or 2 payments of $250.00

This program is not about the traditional debt-free programs and ideas. If it were easy to defeat debt for good everybody would be doing it.
PM me if interested.


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