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Chaos Gives You The Opportunity To Do This.

It seems to me that the world continues to get more and more chaotic.
When chaos strikes, emotions run high, fear heightens, and personal opinions are boldly spoken on many platforms.
Live becomes overwhelming and irrationality may settle in.
Chaos just like change is a consistent part of life.
Just like change the outcomes surrounding chaos are unknown most of the time.
Just like change, chaos can bring out the best and worst in people.
So what opportunity does chaos provide?
The ability to question yourself and increase your self-awareness.
Tune out the opinion of others and ask yourself what is really going on.
Evaluate your current beliefs and ask yourself if they still resonate with you.
Look at the situation through a different lens and see if you can take in another point of view.
Dig through the pain of the situation and ask yourself what really matters – TO YOU.
Take it as an opportunity to grow in self-awareness, love, tolerance, and acceptance.
Take it as an opportunity to be clear on your beliefs, morals, priorities, and values.
Take it as the opportunity to shine a light on a problem that receives little or no attention.
The needs and wants of individuals and society are many.
But they all will not get resolved unless we take the opportunity to listen without judgment, be open to the viewpoint of others, love each other unconditionally, embrace change, seek to understand, and practice acceptance without ripping each other apart.
We need to come together and work through our differences, but we need to work on ourselves first.
So what will you do today to make things better tomorrow?
Those of you who have followed me for a bit know that I like change. For months, I’ve been struggling with the focus of my business. Through this process, some common themes have come to light: Whole Human Health and Wellness.
To me, this is much less about the physical but more about the mental and emotional.
I know others share the same struggle.
The practice of yoga has helped me tremendously through this process.
Yoga is more than physical postures or asanas.
It actually goes a lot deeper than that because yoga is also the science of the soul.
Over the next few weeks, I will share how yoga has me through the change and chaos of life in hopes it will help you too. I invite you to share in this journey with me.
Until then connect with me on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my website or email.
Life is yours to create. How will you create yours?
Build goals with soul. I’m a huge fan and affiliate of Danielle Laporte. Her book “The Desire Map” and her Truthbomb card decks are part of my daily routine. Want to learn more about Danielle? Check out my affiliate link here.

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