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Do You Own Your Sh*t?

Before we get started you should know that this post has nothing to do with owning material things. You see the things we possess in life may be nice however, they will not give you the mental strength or mindset to get everything you want in life. Material possessions can only provide some definition as to what you enjoy and the lifestyle you like to live. A handbag, a luxury car, a high-rise apartment in a high-powered metropolitan city only shows people one side of your whole being.

The mental state you need to achieve these things in life is a completely different story. Yesterday, I wrote a blog about the difference between mindset and mental toughness. If you missed this you’re going to want to catch up by clicking here. You see mindset is the work you do to achieve mental toughness. Mental toughness provides you the confidence, grace, and stability in knowing yourself so much that you’re able to navigate any situation in life with no excuses.

There are a number of factors that achieve mental toughness. The one I will discuss here is owning your sh*t. I’m sorry if you don’t agree with the messaging of this topic but I use profanity at a time to get my point across. Ok moving on. The topic of ownership is critical because the only things that we have direct control over in our entire lives are our action or reaction. Did you get that? These are the only 2 things we truly have control over in our lives. These 2 things provide the baseline of how you feel, how you think, how you love, and how you look.

Before we begin to dissect these 2 areas I need to take one step back for there is something you will need to do before you tackle this space. You need to become aware. Every day we move through life some in the present, some of us on autopilot, and some of us in the space between. However, in order to make a true change in life and up a level in any area, you need to be willing to become consciously aware of exactly what you are doing.

There are several ways to practice awareness, the one most often talked about is through meditation, however, exercise is another great way to practice awareness. I practice awareness both ways and each work so find a ritual that works for you. Once you practice awareness and identify exactly what is going on, then you can make the decision to own your sh*it.

Often times when I mention accountability and responsibility people either sweat, state that they are ready for the change, or actively participate in making the change. The difference is how you want to feel in your end state. I’m a huge fan of Danielle Laporte and she has some great books related to this topic. You see you can think all day long about what you want to do but it’s not until you identify and assume how you want to feel nothing will effectively happen.

So what does this mean? It means being completely honest with yourself. It means owning up to your mistakes, taking total ownership of your action in uncomfortable situations, and continuing to do the work no matter what. No excuses and no scapegoats included. Once you begin to get real with yourself, you will finally understand what it truly means to stand in your power and become your authentic self.

Why do you want to do this?

Throughout my life, I’ve seen that women specifically, and some men, hold back and never reach their optimal performance. It is because they hold their tongue when they should speak, over deliver consistently and never use that leverage to get them where they want to go.
So starting today I want you to build your awareness and dig into living your truth. You know when you are are not standing in your truth because you will find yourself making up stories to satisfy or resist hearing the feedback from someone else or your throat chakra may feel blocked. My point is you know when you are doing it you just need to become aware so you can do the work. Once you do the work and own your sh*t you will be on the path to mental toughness. For toughness is acting and being who you truly are with no apology because you’ve accepted yourself completely.
Are you ready to make some serious change?
Are you ready to get real about your business?
Over the past 20 years, I’ve helped career professionals and women business owners with business strategy and solutions while working on the mindset to develop mental toughness.
Some results from my clients include the following:
  • Moving from a 5-figure to a 6-figure salary in one year.
  • Changing careers even while they had not formal training in their new field.
  • Moving from the cubicle to the boardroom.
  • Creating and launching their own business.
  • Growing an existing business into a multi-product empire
So if you’re done running a hobby instead of a business, progress in your career, or level up in your existing business then connect with me to get started. This is for people that are ready to make a serious change and are ready to make some massive movement in business, life, and work.
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