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How Kylie Jenner Managed to Steal Thunder from the Super Bowl.

Last night was a big night for Philadelphia, and New England football fans as the Eagles and Patriots walked into U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The stakes were high as the Eagles, the underdogs, took to the battlefield looking to dethrone the five-time Super Bowl champs, the New England Patriots.
The event, as always, was teed up to be a spectacular show with Pink singing the “National Anthem,” while fighting with the flu, Justin Timberlake performing the half-time show, and of course what everyone looks forward to each year….the Superbowl commercials.
The night kicked off as most Super Bowl’s do. The Eagles came out of the gate ahead of the defending champions, and spoiler alert managed to win the game 41-33. As a New England fan, of course, this hurt, but I am so happy that the Eagles won as they did a spectacular job. Well done Eagles!
As the half-time show concluded, my cell phone began to ring consistently. I ignored it, of course, thinking it’s just a bunch of Facebook comments about how badly my home team was performing. Then the familiar sound began to carry over to my iPad, so I decided to take a look to see what was happening.
As I glanced at the screen, it began to fill with all kinds of entertainment news notifications.
I began to think what the hell is happening.
Has another music icon passed from this life?
Now normally I wouldn’t care, but I had noticed during the Super Bowl they kept sending out notifications each time an entertainer completed their act.
But my screens only lit up with 1-3 notifications when that happen.
I was looking at 5 and growing.
The only time I’d seen this type of action coming out of Entertainment is when Harry Weinstein finally got caught.
Since I was utterly frustrated with the game, I decided to check out was going on. And guess what?
Spoiler alert…..Kylie Jenner gave birth to a baby girl!
Now I don’t know about you, but the fact that the Jenner-Kardashian clan makes any news is annoying to me.
So now that my phone is getting filled up with the news that confirmed that Kylie Jenner who has been in hiding for 9-months takes over regular tweets about the Super Bowl is super annoying.
How does this family continue to make major headline news for doing absolutely NOTHING!
They’ve had babies. It makes the news.
One gets married. It makes the news.
One file for divorce 72 days after getting married. It makes the news.
They go on vacation. It makes the news.
Kylie’s news, although not life-shattering or altering, was the highest trending news on the Internet. Higher than the story about Super Bowl 52.
You see, Kyle got pregnant and then went into hiding.
Although this isn’t something that is newsworthy, it apparently is ground-breaking news for the “reality” darling.
It’s was like she was the first 20 years old in America to give birth.
Throughout the past year, I’ve witness and experiences challenges and struggles we’ve overcome collectively in our great nation.
We were making progress on things like race relations, women’s rights, elevating the LGBT communities and more.
But somehow all this progress distances us from the reality of what principles, morals, values, and yes sporting events this nation was built.
The changes in players, coaches, and team performance is what makes exciting.
The consistency in the regular schedule and routine marks renews the hope and dreams of the hometown fans.
Winning enough games to make it to the Super Bowl, epic.
Winning the Super Bowl, extraordinary.
Winning the Super Bowl multiple times, legendary.
I certainly hope events like the Super Bowl that brings family, friends, and fans together never die.
It reminds me of what life used to be like and hopes it will be that way again.
So thank you Eagles and Patriots for a fantastic game.
Like most Super Bowls, sports fans far and wide will remember the players, the stats, and the score.
Let’s hope the digital activity related to the birth of a child by a “reality” star will be memorable for their friends and family, and completely erased for the rest of us.
Congratulations Philadelphia Eagles for winning Super Bowl 52!

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