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How to Get Unstuck.

Do you feel like your business, career, or life is going nowhere?
Do you have any idea why?

Often, we find ourselves falling out of flow or out of our element.
I’m here to tell you this is natural and normal.
We are not meant to be on, all the time.
We need to shake things up and change our perspective.
It is necessary to rejuvenate ourselves so we can give and serve more.

So how do we change our state?
Here are some ideas for you.
1. Disconnect from technology and get outside.
We are an instant information society in which we desire instant gratification and immediate response. This is more than half of our problem. I’ve used to get out of sorts if I didn’t get an immediate response to an email, phone call, or text.
Then I realized the insanity of this and used it as an opportunity to develop one of the virtues I’ve continuously struggled with: patience. So, shake up your environment and change your state by physically moving from the environment you are currently in.
Once outside, look up. Often when we are outside we look either down at our feet or straight ahead of us. Although things may be beautiful from these views you can really open yourself up and change your perspective by looking up to the sky.
By doing this you’ll open the middle part of the body that is usually contracted all day. When you look up and open you’ll instantly feel the change in your body and mind by opening your heart, throat, and mind.
Now imagine what could be as you gaze into the sky and explore the possibilities.

2. Play.
I must remember to do this all the time. As adults, we often become too serious in living life and pursuing our goals. Although this is necessary it doesn’t have to be your end all be all state.
In a previous career, I was the head of the Compliance and Security division for a global company. The nature of my title meant that I knew that nobody wanted to talk to me because they believed that if we were talking to each other then it must mean that person is in trouble. So how did I get past this? I just showed them my true self.
I’m a playful creative at heart who loves to laugh, get a crowd going with my bad jokes and play pranks on people. So, to show others I was just like them, I had to show them how I like to interact.
The idea of play not only increases our creativity but It also helps us become strong in our lower chakras. The root, stability, sacral, creativity, and solar plexus, personal power chakras of the inner body build helps us build a solid foundation to move freely in life. Continuously flex your creativity muscle by introducing play into your normal routine.

3. Get loud, laugh, or even scream.
Tony Robbins the king of personal development speaks a lot about the various ways to change your state. We’ve been trained that acting out is a sign that you’re uncontrollable and unpredictable. But is this true?
We’ve all been in those situations where our chest or throat feels heavy due to overthinking, stress, or worry. Often, we keep it inside of us which may appease those around us but doesn’t necessarily work for ourselves. To get unstuck, you need to release all that no longer serves you. This can be done in many ways like journaling, talking with family or friend, or even performing the simple act of acting the emotion out loud.
I know when I feel extremely stressed all I want to do is scream, so I do. I’ve done this while driving, while I’ve been in my office, and even at home. Now let me caution you, that when I’m in public I will go to a private space to perform the act of screaming but the point is, I just let it out.

Holding our emotions inside of us only hurts us rather than save us. When I’ve personally done this myself, the stress produced by holding my emotions in has led to real physical and serious illness. And the only way I got myself well was to release what I was holding inside of me.
This speaks to the importance of self-care and taking care of our whole selves first and everyone else second. We can only be the best we can be when we do this.
So release what no longer serves you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does. They don’t live your life and they will not know the best way to care for you.
Your life is your job, so make it enjoyable and exceptional.

Often, being stuck is a form of resistance. A resistance to inner and outer growth which makes us feel uncomfortable or consumed in fear. Yes, I don’t disagree that this is a familiar place and often comfortable but what do you gain by staying in the same place? Does this help you get what you really want out of life? Are you living a life aligned with your values and morals? Do you feel free?
Growth and expansion can show you the endless possibilities and opportunities life has to offer you. Often, it’s not monetary but still wealthy in many ways. I’ve discovered the beauty of this over the past several months in my business. Here are some examples as to how.
1. Doubled my monthly business income within 8 days of a new month.
2. I’ve been asked to become part of a community that exposes me to my ideal clients consistently. The best part is this group found me I didn’t have to search for them.
3. I’ve been asked to become part of a quarterly panel discussion with new exposure to potential ideal clients.
4. I’ve signed a partnership agreement with a company in Boston to expand their existing service base.
5. I’m currently discussing another partnership opportunity to build a new service offering for another company that has found me.
So, do you see how stepping outside of yourself brings new opportunities and possibilities your way?
I’ve helped others obtain similar results and they’ve been amazed at how easy it is.
Are you ready to take your career, business, or life to the next level?
Connect with me today.
I have VIP, Group, and Individual programs to choose from.
Your dreams will only come alive if you do the work.
PM me or email me at

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