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How To Lose Weight in 2018.

How To Lose Weight in 2018.

  1. Ditch the scale. A number doesn’t define your character.
  2. Get more social. Less media. Reduce screen time.
  3. Focus on feeling to achieve physicality. You will look exactly the way you envision when you feel that you’re already that way.
  4. Let your body be your guide. Let your body tell you how to move and be nourished.
  5. Use the phrase, “I AM.”
  6. Hit the sheets, early a to get 6-8 hours of sleep.
  7. Put your legs up a wall. This yoga pose has multiple benefits including stress reduction and improving sleep.
  8. Breathe like a Buddha. Notice the change when you do deep belly breathing.
  9. Think progress, not perfection.
  10. Shake things up and lose the routine. Dance often, take a hike, walk everywhere a gym is not the only place to exercise.
  11. Drink lots of H2O.
  12. Think now not when. You have the ability to do something about anything in your life every second of every day.
  13. Think one ingredient. Plant-based and non-processed food.
  14. Think compassion not competition.
  15. Know what is. Believe in what’s possible.
  16. Love and accept yourself as you are and you will be liberated.
  17. Celebrate more and critique less.
  18. Let sh*t go.
  19. Increase your energy levels.
  20. Be the best version of you.

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