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Increase Currency While Building Your Business.

We’re all in it to win it.

But somehow winning it isn’t an easy task.

Why is this?

Because when we launch our business, we get caught up in the busyness of things to do.

So how do you prioritize?

Here’s an easy technique how.

  1. Know Your Why.

    I’ve written about this before, and I’m going to say it again. Understanding why you do what you do is the key to prioritization and boundaries.

    This important and necessary task is critical to your success in business and every aspect of your life.

    Understanding your why means going deep to the root of the matter and not just what comes up on the surface. For more on this topic, join my FB group and look under files for “ID Your Roots.”

    Increase your emotional, mental and physical currency instantly.

    Reduce mental exhaustion, position yourself to decide.

  2. Decide.

    Ironically, this is one of the most difficult things you will do in your business.


    Because with each decision you make is either a success or a failure and forces you to look deeper at yourself.

    If things go great, you gain confidence, strength, and own the accountability and responsibility for the success.

    If things go horribly wrong, you’ll usually let in fear, doubt your abilities and to own the responsibility for the failure.

    Each situation has great reward and disappointment so how do you make decisions?

    Do you make them with your head?

    Do you make them with your heart?

    Danielle LaPorte, says you should make goals with soul and live in alignment with how you feel. She has an array of books, programs and more aligned with exactly how to do this. Check out her book. “The Desire Map,” to get started.

    Instant increase in emotional currency time to expand in real time.

    Reduce overwhelm and position yourself to take action.

  3. Do Don’t Deny.

    An action is a pathway to success. Resistance keeps us from doing what we want to do and it happy to hold that space for you.

    So how do you break through the noise?

    Get real with yourself, work through your emotions and limiting beliefs and keep things moving.

    Even if you take one small step in the direction you desire, do something.

    Most often the challenge with this changing your mindset or thought pattern.

    We all know that our thoughts become things so why do we focus so much on those that stop us in our tracks?

    Because it’s familiar and comfortable.

    We don’t need to change when we are in this state, and therefore we’ve created our out when things don’t transpire the way we think they should.

    Some people live in this state and some push past the fear.

    Steve Pressfield wrote a book about our good friend resistance, check it out here.

    There are so many great techniques to help you push past your fear, release and let go. Some I’ve personally used are meditation, EFT and straight up journaling. Connect with me if you would like to learn more.

    Increase confidence and decrease overwhelm.

  4. Outsource.

    You are not the expert at everything so stop trying to be. It’s been proven that over 60% of entrepreneurs that outsource services that don’t serve them are more successful.

    Let me ask you something.

    Do you love math so much that you need to do your books and figure out your taxes?

    Do you love building websites so much that you’d rather learn to figure out how to build and monetize your website versus giving it to a professional?

    Do you love writing compelling copy that you spend countless hours producing it for others and you earn money?

    I want you to understand what you love doing in your business and do it.

    Then get rid of the rest.

    It takes money to make money so spend your money on those activities in which you will not generate income and outsource the rest.

    There are some great resources out there like Fiverr, Upwork and even on my site.

    Increase personal and business capital, reduce overwhelm and frustration.

So focus on and learn more about what you love and give the rest to someone else. Save yourself from endless hours and days of overwhelm and frustration.

Besides when you focus on what you love you can begin to create ways to spark income into your business and dollars in your business account.

Imagine creating workshops and webinars that you can do once yet run again for a fee.

Imagine partnering and collaborating with other to increase your visibility and reach to new audiences.

Imagine growing and expanding services that you can offer to your already growing community.

Give up what no longer serves you and just imagine the possibilities.

Need some insights as to how your business is performing?

Need tech stuff done but don’t know how to do it or where to turn to?

Interested in learning how you can generate passive streams of income?

Connect with me.



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