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#Me Too, Says Something. Are You Listening?

The recent sexual harassment accusations against Harvey Weinstein is sending shock waves through rocking Hollywood and beyond.
But why?
Is it because he’s a Hollywood mega-mogul?
Is it because he’s been doing it for so long without getting prosecuted?
Is it because of the sheer number of women coming out against him?
All of that may be true, but the heroines of this story are the women who are finally speaking out!
For years, women have had to put up with the inappropriate behavior of men in and out of the workplace.
The problem is nobody wants to do anything about it because it will draw negative attention or worse yet ruin their chance at having a career.
It happened to me beginning at the age of 19.  It happened to me by my boss in a moment when nobody was around and in a place where he couldn’t get caught. I told him to stop. He said, “Do you like your job?”
And just like that, I had to shut up and put up with it because I needed the job.
I experienced it another time while in a corporate position. I was being harassed by someone who reported to me. I told my boss, and nothing happened. I think he thought I was nuts because those in power do harassment and since I was his boss, it just didn’t make sense.
I told HR representative and had to put him on a performance plan for 6-months before I could get rid of him.
Did you get that?
I had to put an employee who was harassing me on a 6-month performance plan before I could fire his ass for harassing me.
The problem is women weren’t left with many, if any, choices to deal with harassment without feeling like it would result in retaliation.
Organizations are required to train employees on sexual harassment and provide them an outlet to report it, but in reality, nothing ever happens to the predator.
So, women, I ask you to rise.
Use your voice.
Speak your truth.
Don’t stop talking about it.
Here’s one simple thing you can do to help others understand just how widespread this issue is.
There is a social media campaign called, “Me too.”
It was started by Alyssa Milano right after the allegations against Harvey Weinstein came out.
The action is simple.
Share the post below on your Facebook page.


Multiple times.

I also want to invite other people who have experienced this to use this status too (not just people who identify as women), because sexual assault, harassment, and rape is a culture without gender identification. If we want to change it for women, we need to change it for all.
We see the problem. Let’s change it.

If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote “Me too.” as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.
It’s time to educate others about just how prevalent this problem is. Not only for ourselves but for the future generations to come.

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