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“OWN” Your Power.

“OWN” Your Power.

Over the past year, we’ve experienced and an eruption of verbal mishaps, illusionary tales, half-truths, and no-truths; which has everybody wondering…”What is the truth?”
The age of digital media and communication just adds to the mess due to memes, purposely create pranks, and debates that tell us so many different sides to a story, we actually forget what the story is.
A single statement is made by a politician, news journalist, or an everyday citizen can ignite social media into a frenzy that can last for days, weeks, and years.
So how do we cut through all the noise and decipher what is rumor vs. reality?
Begin with yourself.
Last night, Oprah Winfrey became the recipient of the beloved Cecil B. Demille award. This award is given to those who have made an outstanding contribution to the world of entertainment by the Hollywood Foreign Press.
Her acceptance speech was extraordinary as anyone expected. I mean the woman was the queen of daytime talk shows and has her OWN channel. Did you expect anything less?
But it was one sentence in her speech that I urge you all to embrace and take action on.
“What I know for sure is that our Truth is our most powerful tool”
I work in a corporate environment where for years I’ve used my big mouth to say some very bold statement that aligned with who I was and what I believed I deserved.
Often times after such statements were made, I’d have women come by my office and either thank me or ask me, “How do you say all that and not think you’re going to be fired?’
To tell you the truth I never thought about it.
My thoughts were simple.
I know who I am.
I know what I believe.
I know how I want to feel.
I knew I didn’t want to feel stifled or suffocated.
I knew that everyone has the right to speak their own opinion and so do I.
I often felt very confused when I was asked these questions from women because I would often wonder…..Why they thought they deserved to put up with that sh*t?”
For me, it always came down to a simple phrase my mother always said, ” You better take care of yourself because no husband, friend, or acquaintance is going to do it for you.”
At the time I didn’t get it…..And now I wouldn’t do anything but it.
Here’s the message.
Take care of yourself first always.
Fall in love with yourself over and over again. It’s something we think we need to seek but it’s accessible inside all of us.
Be kind, compassionate, and generous to yourself always. It is when we do his for ourselves which enables us to do this for others.
Model the behaviors you wish to receive from others. 
Everyone is watching especially little girls and little boys.
So I ask you, “Are you ready to own your truth?”
Would you like a soul sister to help you with your journey?
Connect with me today and let’s unleash your power within.

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