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2017 Year End Review.

As we close out 2017, I wanted to share some of the things I loved, learned, and lost during the year.


  1. Books: Audible and Kindle have been my staple this year. Although I love the look, feel, and the smell of a great book, these two items have given me the space to have a whole lot more of them. Some of my favorites: White Hot Truth, by Danielle LaPorte, Lilac Girls, by Martha Hall Kelly, The Innovators, by Walter Isaacson, So Much I Wanted to Tell You: Letters to My Little Sister, by Anna Akana.
  2. Business: Running my own, growing others, and implementing new ideas. For those who want to take the leap – do it. The best case scenario you make reach your dream, worst case scenario you don’t, best case scenario you learn lessons, grow, and gain the confidence to keep going. Check some of my affiliate links here out here. Young Living Essential Oils, Danielle LaPorte, and Thrive.
  3. Comedy: I’ve always loved comics and comedy shows this year was especially comical. Some of my favorite Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Chelsea Handler who is sadly leaving Netflix to empower and support women in politics. Go, Girl! Saturday Night Live, of course. Find them on HBO, Netflix, and NBC.
  4. Podcasts: I’m coming clean here. I love Podcast just as much as books. Here are some of my favorite for 2017.
    The Hilarious World of Depression: It’s time to break the stigma and start talking about mental health. This podcast does just that as host interviews famous people from authors, comedians, songwriters and political journalist all share their stories of living with mental illness. This podcast does a great job of discussing mental illness with laughter while being informative.

    Terrible Thanks For Asking: When I first listened to this podcast it broke my heart. The host Norma McInerny interviews survivors of loss. She began this podcast shortly after she lost her own husband to a brain tumor when she was just 31. She talks about how difficult it was to really tell people how she was feeling after her husband’s passing and knew there were others out there too. The stories are told with a touch of humor and complete realness. You will laugh and also cry.

    Sivana with Brett Larkin: East meets West as Brett interviews experts beyond yoga. Learn about Lucid Dreaming, Sacred Geometry, and more with this educational podcasts about alternative ways of living and healing.

1.  No More Free Services:
I’ve been working side hustles forever. I’ve done websites, tech automation, and business strategy for free to friends and family. This year I realized I’m done working for free.
I’ve had friends consistently ask for services in promises for referrals and leads.
Guess what?
Nothing happens. Yet these friends still ask. So I decided it’s time to get paid for my continued service.
Ironically when I sent an invoice and a contract for my services all the sudden they don’t have the resources.
The lesson here true friends support you and acquaintances use you.

 2. Online Dating Not For Me:
I promise I will do a blog series on my experiences here. They are all
not bad but let’s just say some good comedy has come out of this.
What did I learn?
Transparency is not necessarily true here.
We are all not on the same playing field for a stream of reality.
Dating has definitely changed in the social media age.
Every interaction is practice so have fun.
I’m meant to meet my partner in crime in person. Online is exhausting to me.

3. Anyone and I mean anyone, can become President:
I’m not going to talk politics here. I’m not a fan of who is in office but I have to say if this is what had
to happen to get women to use their voice…..AMEN!
This is what I believe. We live in a country that is great and things needed to change. This is our time
of change. We all have the right to our own opinion and we also have the right to disagree. But here is what I don’t understand.
Why do we have to get so nasty over the whole thing?
Listen when it all comes down to it we are all Human Beings. In the end, we all want to be accepted,               loved, and heard. Let’s try to do this without violence and rather use respect. You just may be
surprised at what you learn.

What I’m losing will be my next blog. So now it’s your turn to share.

What did you love and learn in 2017?
What do you look forward to in 2018?

Happy New Year Everybody!

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