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What’s Your Story?

When I ask this question, I’m not asking about a profession, how many kids in your family, or where you came from.
When I ask this question, I’m asking you to dig deep and identify the core origin of your beliefs.

We all have moments in life where we hesitate due to a feeling we have inside that something just doesn’t feel right. Some people may call this a “gut” feeling, and others may call it intuition. The point is that this is a feeling most of us can relate to but just don’t understand how to fix it.

Today I want to discuss the basis of our core beliefs and how they shape our lives and ultimately our story. I coach many women who struggle with doing what they truly want to do because it doesn’t align with the belief that somebody told them. I understand this. However, my question is, “When do you take steps to change the belief?”

Some people ignore when they are out of alignment, blame others for why things are going wrong in their life, and play the victim. These people want to move forward in life, make a massive change, and live life on their rules but don’t want to do the work required to get there. The truth is, unless you begin to identify the root cause, you will never find a solution.

Seeking consistent alignment is an ongoing process. It is never a one and done type of deal. You need to be completely honest with yourself. You need to get raw and real. You may even need to shed some tears because the memories are all too painful, but you need to do it so you can be free.

I was born into a family of 6 children and raised in a religion that didn’t align with my beliefs. I was constantly told that if I did bad things that bad things would happen to me and if I didn’t behave in a certain way it would be held against me at the end of my life. My mother was someone who expected everyone to fall in line and for the most part, everyone did, except me. I was the wild child. I was the child who lived by the beat of her own drum and who she couldn’t control. I wasn’t trying to do anything intentionally to upset my mother, I just couldn’t understand why she was so angry with me for being me.

Even though I expressed myself freely, I always felt like the odd man out because as I progressed in life and my career, I realized very few women acted as I did. I would express myself freely which I’m sure looked obnoxious to some, but I just kept going. I always felt strong and confident as I navigated life and when I didn’t, I’d stop myself to discover why. It was like solving a puzzle, and I wouldn’t stop until it was completed.

Throughout the years it translated into digging into my issues with money. The ability to earn it was easy the ability to keep it was hard. Money management was something I was never taught by my parents, so I literally had to do all the underlying research on my own. When I was growing up, my dad worked, and my mother stayed at home. She was provided a certain amount of money each week to take care of household needs. My dad took care of the rest.

I would accumulate a lot of money, spend it, use credit cards, pay off credit cards and repeat. I would follow this pattern for years. I had a 401K and no savings. It wasn’t until I was much older did I understand the concept of money management. When my dad passed away a few years ago, and we began to look my parent’s estate, I was no surprised to see that my day had taken care of everything for my mother and she didn’t have a clue. His credit was perfect, and he had all the accounts aligned for estate planning.

Then I began to think about how he thought about money. You see both of my parents lived and survived the “Great Depression.” So when I got annoyed because I could never get something new instead of hand me downs, I know understood why. When I would ask for $5.00 to meet my friends at the mall and had to undergo an interrogation for an hour over the burden, it may cause, when I understood my money beliefs, I understood why.

Do you know what this did?
It gave me the ability to create a new belief, one that aligned with my values and dreams.
It allowed me to feel bold, confident, and strong because it was something that mattered to me and it didn’t matter if anyone agreed.
It gave me a voice to use to say what I wanted to say in those situations others would’ve felt fearful to speak.
It gave me the power to stick up for myself when nobody agreed with me, but I didn’t care.
It gave me the vision to grow and explore personal and professional opportunities others felt were challenges.
It gave me the ability to navigate perceived challenges calmly and stand in my full truth were others disagreed.
It allowed me to be free because I knew I was in complete alignment.
It makes me feel loved, as I know that taking care of myself first is the only way I can have the capacity to give more to others.
It lets me be the hero of my story that nobody else has the right to write.

So I ask,”What’s your story?”
Do you know it?
Are you aligned with it?
Are you living it?

Want someone who will support you as you explore it?

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