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Yoga is the perfect opportunity to learn about yourself. “Jason Crandell”

Whole – Being Wellness: Mind, Body, & Soul.

Offering mindful movement and yoga programs for individuals, small groups, and workplaces.

10 Reasons to Practice Yoga in the Workplace. 1. Yoga reduces stress, health care costs, absenteeism, illness, and injury due to repetitive motion. 2. Yoga boosts morale, increases productivity and builds communication, trust, and teamwork. 3. Yoga can save you money on healthcare costs, an average of $3,000/per employee. Boost ROI! 4. It is a tax write off and may be used as a tax deduction as part of a wellness expense. 5. Yoga increases mental clarity, focus and decision-making abilities. 6. It’s convenient and affordable. 7. Yoga attracts and retains the great talent and separates you from your competition. 8. Yoga helps individuals unplug and unwind. 9. Yoga compliments common wellness programs that may include healthy eating, smoking cessation, and weight loss. 10. Yoga boosts creativity, brainstorming, and play.

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